This Company “ beheshtGhandil “ starts its activity since 2008.

After a short time, it was appointed as the exclusive distributor of Do ghazal tea and could successfully packed assorted types of teas within shortest possible time directly under license of Akbar Bros, and distributed them among the respected customers across Iran.

The unique quality of Do ghazal tea & spectacular packing makes this company’s products to meet with different tastes of Iranians.

BeheshtGhandil’s factory is located 40km away from Tehran, under the total area of 5,000 sqm2 . Factory includes production hall which equipped with fully-hygienic Automatic packing machines, administrative rooms, Restaurant, updated modern installations, green space and tree plantation.

Presently exceeding 150 persons (as the full-time personnel) & more than hundreds else ( in different positions) cooperating with BeheshtGhandil Co. by means of Job creation across Iran.

This Company’s utmost care, is nothing but respecting the customer’s kind demands, their satisfaction, Honesty, Occupational moral sense observance, and synchronizing with update technology and meet the market’s requirements , which achieving those targets within the past years guaranteed the progress.

This company “ BeheshtGhandil” is among the top Srilankan tea exporters. Hundreds types of teas, are tested weekly by experienced experts and finest teas are selected for Do Ghazal brand from among which.

The Tea relating experiences have been transferred from generation to generation within the past century, whilst we can see no changes on tea quality. Also tries the both quality and taste remain intact within those years.